Any Legitimate purchaser of a BERIKA® gun is entitled, under the following conditions, to have it repaired free of charge (parts and labor) in the event of defects occurring that can be shown to be due to defective materials or manufacture.

This warranty is valid for three (3) years from the date of delivery of the product to its initial purchaser. The receiver is covered by a special warranty of ten (10) years from the date of delivery of the product to its initial purchaser. This warranty shall not cover wear and tear resulting from normal use of the gun or the coating of said receiver.

Under the terms of this warranty no other intervention will be accepted by BERIKA® or its distributors and in particular no indemnity will be paid for loss of use.

This warranty excludes any breakage of the wooden elements where such breakage is not due to an intrinsic defect of the wood.

This warranty shall only apply if, within the aforementioned period of three (3) or ten (10) years, the purchaser of the gun hands back or returns the allegedly defective gun to an official BERIKA® distributor at his/her own cost and risks within fifteen (15) days of said defect becoming apparent. The gun must be accompanied by a written description of the defect or defects and any other documents or cover establishing the place and date of the initial purchase (for example a copy of invoice).

This warranty will not apply where:

1. It is apparent that the alleged defect can reasonably be attributed to normal wear and tear of the gun, intentional damage, negligent maintenance, storage or use or to improper use (such as unsuitable or reloaded ammunition)

2. The gun has been converted or altered in any way.

Under the terms of this warranty, all repairs or replacements shall be affected within a reasonable time scale. All repairs, with or without replacement of parts, must be performed using the correct equipment by an official BERIKA® distributor or BERIKA® approved service center.

The customer will be advised when the repaired or replacement gun is ready. It will either be held for collection or, if the customer so requests, can be delivered to his home address at his own risk and cost.

Any servicing or repair work carried out under the terms of this warranty shall not extend the warranty period or alter the conditions thereof. However, the repair itself will be guaranteed for a period of one (1) year from the date the repaired gun becomes available.

In the event that the gun is replaced with a new one, the full warranty shall begin, to apply from the moment the replacement gun is handed to the customer.

Custom gunsmithing service or nonstandard alterations are NOT AVAILABLE from BERIKA® factory.

WARNING: Before shipping any firearm, be absolutely certain that it is unloaded. Do not ship cartridges with a firearm.