sablonlu tek

BERIKA® Single Barrel Shotgun comes with a pistol grip stock made from selected Turkish Walnut for a bargain basement price.

Shotgun action opens by moving the trigger guard up and after loading by closing the barrel the trigger guard closes itself.

For firing you need just to pull the hammer and sight in. It is supplied as fixed choked and Auto Ejector ( First in Turkey ) as necessity. 

Available in 12 gauge, so no matter what you hunt, the new BERIKA® Single Barrel is a top choice for you.

With the BERIKA® stocks, Not only you can have the superiority of Turkish Walnut that is impossible for other brands in the market, also you feel the gun thanks to the fine handcut checkering.

If you have not got one just swing by the store, you have probably got enough Money to spend all day by cash!