sablonlu semi auto

An aesthetic design and precise functioning characterize this model as is a customary from the factory ARMAS. Designed to use of Magnum 12 ga. 3 in (76 mm) cartridges, but capable of functioning with lighter cartridges, the new BERIKA® gas operated semi automatic is the ideal shotgun for long distance shooting and the most difficult game.

Armas Firearms's technological superiority and craftmanship guarantee the precise concentricity of every barrel and uniform wall thickness, allowing the barrels to be remarkably light and strong. All of the BERIKA® barrels are precisely drilled and reamed from 42CrMo4 (4140) steel bar.

The exclusive hard chromed bore ensures truer, more consistent shot patterns and resists pitting and corrosion.

Modern Look: The skillfully rounded receiver blends perfectly with the stocks grip and it permits instinctive rapid target acquisition. Impeccable balance makes this masterpiece easy- and fats to handle. The strongly outlined sides of the receiver confer a distintinctive character to the gun. The top of the receiver is designed to accept optics and other aiming systems.

Ultimate Design: The stock and fore-end are produced in durable, resistant, fiberglass reinforced technopolymer that ensures anti-scratch properties and an improved feel in cold weather.

By excessing the limits of the CAD design, the product gains super attraction with the perfectly rounded stocks. The new BERIKA® glares with its distintictivly designed stocks among the other brands in the gunshop!

Luminous Front Sight Supplied with the BERIKA® it allows a precise aim even in conditions of poor visibility. The green luminous insert can be easily interchanged with the red one provided.

COMFIRE Recoil Absorber Pad: The new COMFIRE system has been conceived to further reduce felt recoil when shooting. Thanks to the design of COMFIRE, the recoil energy is gradually dissipated. The COMFIRE pad provides long travel recoil reduction for a massive 25% decrease in felt recoil. The result is superior comfort for the shooter. At the same time, the vibrations and the muzzle jump caused by the design when shooting are strongly reduced.