Berika® Arms offers a full range of firearms and accessories for discerning hunters and sportsmen. Our products represent exceptional value and quality at prices that are extraordinarily competitive. We can provide these quality value-packed products because of our long history of employing seasoned gunmakers whom have honed their art to a level of World-class gunmaking craftsmanship.

We start with the highest quality gun-quality steels and machine components using the most advanced CAD/CAM and lean manufacturing techniques.  We then utilize our seasoned gunmaker artisans to fit and assemble these components an exceptionally reliable firearm. Products are then function tested and proofed using only the most experienced gunmakers on our staff.   With a blending of classic gunmaking craft combined with modern lean manufacturing methods, Armas Hunting Firearms represents an excellent price/value proposition.

After stress and operational tests, gauge and aesthetic checks are performed guns are sent to packaging service, if they pass these tests as SAAMI and CIP standards with no tolerance for irreproachable production. After sales, customer satisfaction is ensured for technical specifications, spare parts and warranty by taking into consideration all demands by our customers.

If you have a BERIKA® brand product you can be sure that the next generation will also feel the same pleasure and happiness. Our products will provide you with a modern design with artistic aspects as well as the best accuracy and high quality suitable to your skills.

Stocks and fore ends are made of walnut that is hundred years old. The color and grain of walnut are carefully selected for conformity to the shape of the stock. The walnut is processed to attain a moisture level of under 8% for each stock model. This is done in accordance to relevant standards in the required sizes and forms based on years of experience.

Our delivery time is maximum 2 months and we haven’t any limitation on our production capacity, because we have agreements with special manufacturer companies from Üzümlü and Huglu towns to work with unlimited quantities for your reguests and needs according to your specifications and varieties for doing our best.

We will provide your solutions for a better positioning, product specialization and also complementary parts and accessories in line with your comments. Thus, the product you will get from us will not only include itself but also a consultancy service to create your product line for your customers.

We are sure you will enjoy our products and we will be working to add new items to your collection. We wellcome any inquiry not only for business purpose and proudly here to find solutions for your requirements.

We thanks so much for your interesting.